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Three Phase Servo Stabilizer

A well established company, we are offering three phase stabilizers to our valuable customers. These three phase stabilizers are equipped with various facilities including high and low voltage cut off system. Following are some other special features of our 3 phase stabilizers :

Basically these stabilizers consist of three single phase units of one third capacities each connected in a Star. The output voltage on all three phase is totally different. Our three phase servo voltage stabilizers are ideal for regional offices, large retail stores, small data centers and dense power requirements.

  • Phase sequence change protection
  • Over load and short circuit protection
  • Change over switch to by pass the stabilizer and use main voltage directly
  • Single Phase Prevention Systems (in three phases) shuts down the stabilizer in case any phase fails
  • Power factor correction system to reduce power consumption for saving power
  • Ammeter with CT to monitor the connected load
  • Earth Fault Protection
  • Surge and R F Suppression System
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Temperature gauge

3phase1 3phase2 3phase4 3phase11


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